+++ Please note! From now on you can reach us with our showroom and service concept at Jungenthalerstr. 1A in DE-57548 Kirchen/Sieg. In addition, our sister company Scuderia Servizio GmbH (ex Alfa Classic Centre) in DE-44379 Dortmund is there for you for service and restoration work on our beloved classic cars. +++ more info in the newsbox

To purchase a classical (sports) car means to invest a lot of trust, but the trust without having the possibility to control is not worth so much as to have the possibility to control everything. This is why we developed the 154 points service control book that contains important aspects that need to be controlled. Our highly qualified service personnel check and service every again car after the purchase contract has been signed. All works will be documented and the new owner will receive the service control book that has been signed.

We want that every car has to work as good as even possible in all aspects and details. This means that all liquids will be changed, check brake system, defective and porous components will be changed. For the steering system this is also valid, same for the front and rear axis. It also contains check of the electrical system, heating and if existing also aircondition.

Concerning the engine we measure the compression, change spark plugs, control and adjust the ignition and check if there are any leaks that may cause future problems, and of course this will be repaired. If existing, the timing belt(s) will be changed as well, carburetor will be controlled and adjusted, if necessary. In case that an injection system is existing thisone will be controlled and adjusted. The gearbox, clutch and drive units will be controlled and serviced, too. All these works usually correspond to the routine maintenance for each individual model that we are taking care of.

We are very focused on using the original spare parts and service parts for the service works.

Additionally we also check the underground of the body of the car, if there is any corrosion / rust that need to be removed and where maybe something needs to be welded by specialists from our body-shop.

Tüv (german technical control) and a confirmation about that it is a true historical car that can be registrated on german or other plates for historical cars, is included in our package.

Please let us point out that we are satisfied, if the classical car is very good prepared and of course these works usually require some time to finish them. After having agreed and signed the purchase contract we usually need about 4-6 weeks to finish the car in all details. Only if we work very carefully and precise and this is based on a very long experience, we will be able to satisfy our customers. This is our aim ! 

Service Ferrari 308 GT/4 & Fiat 2400

Serviceworks Ferrari Dino and Fiat Dino

Since spring 2023, we have further expanded our service & restoration capacities with our new sister company Scuderia Sportiva Servizio GmbH (ex Alfa Classic Center) in Dortmund. Wolf-Rüdiger von Massow has also taken over the management in Dortmund and with a technically experienced and highly qualified staff, we are mainly responsible for the service, spare parts procurement and restoration of Italian classics such as Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and BMW.

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 30 at 12.30.17


WhatsApp Image 2023 01 27 at 11.58.45 (2)  WhatsApp Image 2023 01 27 at 11.58.46

              Maserati Indy, Ferrari 365 BB, Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

             Fiat Dino 2400 Coupé

              Daytona brother's

                Dino sisters

               Einstellung Lamborghini Espada

                 Inspektion Ferrari Daytona

                  Ventile Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

                  Inspektion Ferrari 512 BB

                   Jaguar E-Type

                Ferrari 308 GTB

                  Cats meeting

                 Shelby Adjustment

                  Ferrari 365 GT/4 BB

„restorations are not always real restorations“ (Wolf-Rudy von Massow, founder of Scuderia Sportiva Colonia).

„at the beginning of a restoration it is important to keep asbild 1 much as possible the original substance of the vehicle. In case that parts need to be exchanged, it is essential to have original parts or if not available, as close as even possible to the original part, parts replaced. The authenticity is very important for us.

Every manufacturer and nearly every classical car has its specialities. In case that we are not the specialist for a classical car, we have excellent contacts to the one who ist he specialist for exactly the model that is in need of a restoration. At least the finish of the whole package counts. The specialist will be able to recognize what makes the difference between a normal, a good and an outstanding and perfect restoration done by specialists with experience. These aspects also make the difference in valuation and in price when car will be sold.

We have in focus to restore original. We want to keep as much original parts as possible. Sometimes it is much more difficult to machine, repair, re-chrome parts than buy new components that were copied. We are happy, if we can save the soul of the classical car that we restore.

The body of the classical car is of course extremely important. It is very important that a specialist who received excellent education as a craftsman and who has a longterm experience repairs the body that is defective, that has rust or other damages. Only a real specialist is able to prevent things getting more worse after he has finished his high quality work on the car.

Smaller jobs are done by our own specialists here in house. We pass big projects to our specialists in Italy, who have the experience with all those famous manufacturers and designers such as BERTONE, FRUA, GHIA, GIUGIARO, PININFARINA, TOURING, VIGNALE and ZAGATO. Of course these specialist are located in the design-paradise  "Bella Italia".

            BMW 3.0 CSL "GS" Demontage

           BMW 3.0 CSL "GS" Karosserie / Porsche 911

              BMW 3.0 CSL "GS" before Painting

                Ferrari Daytona

                Ferrari "Eye of the Tiger"

                 Maserati Ghibli

                  Ghia 450 SS

               Mercedes 230 SL

               Maserati Bora

It is an essential part of our philosophy to offer nearly all restoration-craftsmanship in house by own specialists. Currently we modernize the paint shop that is beside our old factory building. In this historical building lacquering jobs were offered already since the 1960’s. For a perfect lacquering it is important to choose the correct material as well as to get an excellent finish of the preliminary works. We are a little bit proud that we managed to have a good team at our Scuderia with a lot of experience and passion who is able to fulfill an excellent job.

IMG 4548

Additionally we cooperate with an excellent body shop and paint shop in Italy. Many awards from national and international Concours confirm excellent quality of craftsmanship.

(Photo:  Maserati Ghibli 4,9 SS - Interclassics 2016 Brüssel               1ster Platz Klasse Best of 70ties)







           Maserati Ghibli 4,9 SS

           Ferrari 330 original purple

            Maserati Bora

              Ferrari 308 GTB

             Porsche 911 S Targa

An intensive engine check including a compression diagram belongs to our standard service program on every car that we have inspected. This contains the check of all peripheral components such as starter, generator etc. as well as the check that engine does not loose any liquids. Carburetors, if existing, will be adjusted and synchronized. On younger cars we change the timing belts (if existing) as well.

In case that an engine will be overhauled, we can show you how good our team fulfills this work. One of our specialities is the overhaul 6-, 8- or even 12-cylinder engines. Many engines from BMW , Porsche, Mercedes Benz, or Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, Ferrari or Lamborghini already have been overhauled completely. Competence, experience and perfect craftsmanship as well as excellent partners for machinery, as f.e. cylinder grinders etc., guarantee best results and high performance. An excellent overhauled engine will be able to fulfill highest and long term expectations, driving pleasure (Freude am Fahren) !  

                Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

              Lamborghini 12 Zylinder

             Ferrari 308 GT/4

              Fiat Dino 2400

              BMW 3.0 CSI

              Triumph GT 6 Racemotor

               Alfa Romeo 2 liter engine

          Maserati Mexico Vergaser

          Ferrari 365 BB Vergaser

in our normal service-program  the transmission as well as the complete drive unit will be controlled by our service technicians. Defective components will be repaired or exchanged and all units will be adjusted according to factory standards.


During a complete restoration the transmissions will be dismantled completely and all wearing parts will be exchanged, other wearing parts will be machined were necessary. Similar procedure is obligatory for drive units. Balancing the kardan, exchange of crosses or hardy-discs, exchange of drive shafts, fine adjustment (balancing) of drive units guarantees more fun while driving the car and prevents vibrations where they are not welcome. Performance parts and gearboxes for performance use as well as modified kardan and stronger drive shafts belong to our spectrum. Please ask for details if you are interested in special components. 




                   Maserati Bora

           Ferrari 365 BB Montage

In our old industrial building from 1868, which is environmental protected, you have the possibility to store/park your classical car. The hall is just perfect for your beloved classical car and your car will feel comfortable because it will be together with other classical sports cars from our collection and other enthusiasts. Our location is safe and good protected and contains video observation.


IMG 5793

This outstanding location is 57548 Kirchen, close to public transportation and good connection to Highways and central station.

This very privileged Parking possibility is offered for classical cars that are registered on plates for Euro 150,-- incl. VAT. The Videocontrol App and a 7/24 access is included in price.

Additionally you have the possibility to book as follows:

  • Pick up and transport service in a closed trailer

  • Professional washing and cleaning as well (interior, handwash, polishing services)

  • Service works and repairs in our workshop


Please let us convince you and visit us (by appoinment only). We feel sure that you will like our special “flair” of our very special and historical location and that we will convince you !

contact person:          Wolf-Rüdiger von Massow

                                               Tel. +49-221-9853103

                                               Email: rvmThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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