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Vehicle data

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ModelE-Type Cabriolet


Body typeConvertible


Engine capacity5343 ccm

Power276 HP

Topspeed241 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h6,8 sec

Weight empty1511 kg



Tachometer counter (read)n. a.

Previous owners3

Matching numbersyes

SSC number539

Interior colourblack

Manufacturer's colour code (exterior)n. a.

Interior materialLeather

Sun roofno

Electrical windowsno

Power steeringyes

Price offeredPrice on request

VAT deductableno

Information Request

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Car description

  • legendary V12 E-Type Cabriolet
  • Headlight cover as first series
  • Partially restored in 2019 - 2021, then only 300 km driven
  • 5-speed Cosworth transmission

History E Type

The legendary Sir Malcolm Sawyer is responsible for the Jaguar E-Type presented in 1961 and thus created one of the most beautiful, most impressive and most successful sports cars in the history of the automobile. After the Series 1, 1.5 and 2, which were only available with in-line six-cylinder engines, Jaguar presented the Series 3 in 1971 with the brilliantly designed 5.3 liter V12 engine with 4 carburettors, which came from the racing departement and was brilliantly designed. The E-Type has disc brakes all round (rear weight-optimized on the differential), as well as double wishbones on the front axle and lower triangular wishbones on the rear axle.

The offered E-Type Cabriolet in detail

The convertible offered here was first taken over by Scuderia Sportiva Colonia in 2012 and gradually restored over the years: this E-Type was repainted; the interior lined with new black leather; a new wooden steering wheel Moto Lita mounted; the undercarriage overhauled; the engine was inspected and resealed, improved "performance air filter" and a sports exhaust system were installed. The "crown" is certainly the Cosworth 5-speed gearbox, which was also newly installed at the time. With this gearbox, the power development and the overall performance of the V12 is even more effective. The pulling power is breathtaking. Cosworth transmissions have also been race tested by Jaguar and used in long-distance races.

In addition, the shapely "Headlamp Covers" of the first series of Jaguar E-Type were installed in the course of the body work. The second and third series of E-Types had to do without the headlight covers due to American safety regulations. As a result, the headlights were somewhat unmotivated "in the wind". We have remedied this break in style with this original version. The beautiful internal wire spoke rims complete the picture. A new red soft top with matching tarpaulin was also fitted. As a special gift, there is also the original factory hardtop painted in the vehicle color part of the delivery.
The history of this Jaguar is almost completely traceable. First delivery New York/USA in August 1971. According to the production record it is the 27th copy of the 3rd series. In the 1980s, this E-type ended up in the hands of the M. family from Pennsylvania. From father to son who took him to England 2009. We bought the vehicle from him. The engine is "matching" the delivery color was racing green, the M. family already painted it in silver metallic in the 80s

The following vehicle documentation is currently available to us. Original English vehicle title "UK Registration Certificate", Jaguar Heritage Certifacte (production report) and a valuation report from 2021, which certifies this big cat a grade 1-.

It will be difficult to find a comparable classy and good looking 3rd series V12 on the market.

The last owner didn't really "warm" with this extraordinary Jaguar and so we bought this dream car back after it had driven only 300 km. The Jaguar currently has German registration papers.

This offer is non-binding and subject to prior sale. Additional services such as large 154 Pt. Comprehensive inspection, transport,  appraisal, etc. are possible for a separate expense allowance.

In addition, in our factory in Cologne-Kalk, Vietor Str. 85, 51103 Cologne, we exhibit about 80 classic sports cars. However, we ask that you register in advance by telephone.

Please visit www.scuderia-sportiva-colonia.com for more information about our range of services and selection of vehicle

Information Request

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