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Vehicle data

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ModelXJ-C Cabrio 5.3


Body typeConvertible


Engine capacity5343 ccm

Power268 HP

Topspeed205 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h10 sec

Weight empty1650 kg



Tachometer counter (read)n. a.

Previous owners2

Matching numbersyes

SSC number403

Interior colourn. a.

Manufacturer's colour code (exterior)n. a.

Interior materialLeather

Sun roofno

Electrical windowsyes

Power steeringyes

Price offeredPrice on request

VAT deductableno

Information Request

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Car description

Exhibition vehicle at the Auto Show in Turin / Italy

the only left-hand Jaguar 12-cylinder XJ Cabriolet in the world



 The Jaguar XJC 5.3 Cabriolet was originally released on August 29, 1974 under the chassis no. 2G 50010 BW produced as a coupe at Jaguar. This Jaguar was then delivered directly to AVON-STEVENS in Warwick, one of the most renowned bodywork companies in England. AVON-STEVENS was consulted when it came to special Jaguar constructions, both for special superstructures and for racing. The aim was to work together with the Jaguar factory to produce a competitive convertible to test the reaction of the noble customers, Rolls Royce has been selling the Corniche with great success since 1972. With this Cabriolet development, Jaguar also hoped to get a portion of the 4-seater Cabriolet cake.

For the “Salone dell'automobile di Torino” auto show in 1976, the left-hand drive 12 cylinder Prestige Cabriolet should be ready.

Sir William Lyons (founder of Jaguar) - was very impressed with the development, design and sophistication of this E-Type Cabriolet successor, here an archive photo before the trade fair in Turin, provisionally registered "YDU926S"


 20150501 082249

The presentation was successful, this "prototype" convertible was sold in Italy directly at the Turin trade fair and, despite the relatively high sales price, triggered further orders in England, Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong, so that another 11 right-hand drive 12-cylinder convertibles were sold by AVON STEVENS emerged. There is even a separate brochure for this perfectly shaped convertible



Chassis No. 2G 50010 BW remained the only left-hand drive 12-cylinder convertible ever built and was registered in Rome under the number Roma 50777D. In the 90s this unique cabriolet succeeded to its 2nd owner a famous artist in Italy. Careful care and maintenance have been invested in this XJ Cabriolet over the years. In 2018 this Jaguar was acquired by Scuderia Sportiva Colonia after lengthy negotiations.

A current appraisal attests this single item to a market value of € 460,000.

This offer is subject to change and subject to prior sale. Additional services like large 154 pt. Comprehensive inspection, new TÜV, H approval, transport, registration in Germany, valuation reports, etc. are possible for a separate expense allowance.

This vehicle offered here is in our factory in Cologne-Kalk, Vietor Str. 85, 51103 Cologne. Here you will find a selection of 80 historically valuable classics - ONLY AFTER PRE-REGISTRATION.

For more information about our range of services and selection of vehicles, please visit www.scuderia-sportiva-colonia.com

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