*** We are now available for you with our showroom and service concept for classic cars at Jungenthalerstr. 1A in 57548 Kirchen/Sieg. In addition, our sister company Scuderia Servizio GmbH (ex Alfa Classic Centre) in Dortmund is there for you for servicing and restoration work on our beloved classic cars

Vehicle data

Tel. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Print


Model3,0 CSI


Body typeCoupe


Engine capacity2985 ccm

Power200 HP

Topspeed220 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h7,7 sec

Weight empty1380 kg



Tachometer counter (read)n. a.

Previous ownersn. a.

Matching numbersno

SSC number484

Interior colourblack

Manufacturer's colour code (exterior)n. a.

Interior materialLeather

Sun roofyes

Electrical windowsyes

Power steeringno

Price offeredSold

Information Request

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Car description

  • Various BMW E9 Coupés from the specialist Scuderia Sportiva Colonia are on offer
  • Karmann body
  • Choice between good and checked, or completely restored vehicles 
  • style icon from BMW with racing genes from the successful BMW touring car era of the 1970s

Our favourites

The elegant CS coupés are among the milestones from BMW - not at least - because of their fantastic silky smooth six-cylinder engine and the very elegant design. The bodies were built between 1968 and 1975 by BMW at the Karmann company and then transported to Munich for completion.

The first models were the 2800 CS, followed by the 3.0 CS as carburettor versions. At the end pf 1971, the first petrol injection model variant was added, the 3.0 CSI.

The Scuderia Sportiva Colonia has paid special attention to these technically sophisticated coupés. The gorgeous shape, the excellent chassis, the very good brakes and the powerful engine were the measure of all things - at the beginning of the 70s. The interior spoils the owner with luxurious materials, the seats are comfortable with acceptable lateral support and the individually framed VDO round instruments are still a feast for the eyes. A very comfortable sports car to see and be seen with unmistakable DNA from its very successful touring car history.

The legendary and very sporty CSL "lightweight" variants - which were originally only intended for racing use - also belong to the delivery program of the Scuderia Sportiva Colonia.

our mission

We have already been able to prepare well over 100 BMW E9 coupés in the course of our existence. In general, the Karmann body is the weak point of these magnificent coupés. The filigree sheet metal dress was elaborately welded in Rheine (Germany) and, after completion, was taken unprotected on trains across Germany to Munich for completion. End of the 1970ties the first rust-eaten E9s disappeared on the scrap yards.

When purchasing, we distinguish between substantially very good and those that require a complete restoration.

We sometimes find very good vehicles from collectors' hands, or from sunny Italy, Spain or southern France, where wintry road conditions were a rarity. Before delivery, we subject the good used vehicles to an extensive 154-point inspection and service check that we developed on request.

Most of the time, however, barn finds come to us from repairs that have been started or broken off. We then subject these BMWs to a complete restoration. No screw is left untouched here and the vehicle is completely disassembled and rebuilt. We work with the leading European body shops who are proven experts in the field of BMW coupes. Then they are completed in our house. We are responsible for the technology, such as engine and transmission overhaul, electrics, chassis and optimization, brakes, wheel sets and exhaust systems. The new owner can expect a perfectly restored BMW E9 after completion and upon delivery. Individual special requests of the end customer can be taken into account during the restoration, such as changing the exterior paintwork, material and color selection of the interior, chassis optimization, installation of a 5-speed gearbox, various wheel sets 14" and 16" Alpina, FPS, Mahle, BBS or similar.

In addition, we are very proud that we were able to look after three of the eight original BMW Dreschel Cabriolets ever built in our company.

Scuderia Sportiva Colonia sees itself as your partner for BMW CS vehicles. We also offer service and procurement of spare parts.

Selection of vehicles in the Scuderia Sportiva Colonia inventory:

Good, function-tested – available at short notice

*3.0 CSA Bj. 73 - Chamonix (white) - blue velour - German first delivery - only 2 previous owners - 14" inch Mahle-BBS rims, automatic, technical inspection according to 154 Pt. Service and inspection program including TÜV and H-approval for € 59,500 (Ref. No. SSC525)

*3.0 CSA Bj. 75 - fjord metallic (blue) - blue velour - Swiss first delivery - only 3 previous owners - 14" inch aluminum rims, automatic, technical inspection according to 154 Pt. Service and inspection program including TÜV and H-approval for € 49,500 (Ref. No. SSC527)

*3.0 CSI Bj.72 - Polaris (silver) metallic, Swedish first registration, sunroof, engine overhauled, underbody restoration, new blue velour interior, brake system overhauled, new chassis, 14" Petrini aluminum, new stainless steel exhaust system, incl. TÜV and H-approval for € 92,500 (Ref # SSC457)

*3.0 CSI Bj. 73 - anthracite - black leather interior - Italian first delivery - older restoration, 16" inch original Alpina rims, 5-speed gearbox, Petri steering wheel, technical inspection according to 154 Pt. Service and inspection program including MOT and H-approval for € 105,000 (Ref. No. SSC510) – Reserved

 *3.5 CSI, Bj.71 - Baikal (medium blue) metallic, Dutch provenance, sunroof, light brown leather interior, BMW M5 engine with 315 hp, 16" alloy wheels, sports chassis, 5-speed gearbox, large brakes, technical inspection according to 154 Pt. Service and inspection program including TÜV and H-approval Price on request (Ref. No. SSC487) - Reserved

B) Fully restored “Nut & Bolt” E9 with 1 year warranty

*3.0 CSI Bj. 72 - Polaris (silver) metallic, sunroof, interior still selectable, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation, (Ref. No. SSC497)

*3.0 CSI Bj. 72 - Ceylon (Gold) Metallic, interior freely selectable, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation, (Ref. No. SSC105)

* 3.0 CSI Bj.72 - night blue metallic, interior still selectable, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation, (Ref. No. SSC385)

*3.0 CSI Bj.72 - fjord (light blue) metallic, interior still selectable, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation, (Ref. No. SSC513)

*3.0 CSI Bj.72 - baikal (blue) metallic, interior still selectable, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation, (Ref. No. SSC514)

*3.0 CSI Bj. 74 - Malaga (Dark Red), interior design freely selectable, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation, (Ref. No. SSC493)

*3.0 CSI Bj. 74 - black metallic, red leather interior, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation (Ref. No. SSC488)

*3.5 CSi Bj.71 - fjord (light blue) metallic, interior still selectable, conversion to BMW S38 engine with 340 hp, 5-speed gearbox, reinforced chassis and brakes, delivery time 12 months after order confirmation (Ref. No. SSC340)

*3.5 CSI Bj. 73 - midnight blue metallic, leather interior, 16" Alpina, 5 gears, sunroof, front spoiler, M88 engine with 300 hp, reinforced Bilstein chassis, 30 mm lower, large brake system (Ref. No. SSC-529 )

The colors and equipment can still be configured according to customer requirements for most E9

c) Special features:

*3.5 CSI Cabriolet Bj. 74, the No. 6 of 8 original BMW E9 Dreschl Cabriolets, 3.5 liter engine with 218 hp, blue metallic with light gray leather interior, 5-speed gearbox, 16" BBS rims, German papers - price up inquiry

d) Options:

Rims 14" Pedrini, 14" or 16" Alpina or BBS
Front spoiler in combination with front bumper
Bilstein sports suspension with Eibach springs
Steering wheels Petri or wooden steering wheel Nardi Design SSC
Stainless steel exhaust system
5 speed transmission
Installation of an overhauled BMW M88 (286 hp), S38B36 (315 hp) or S38B38 (340 hp) each with reinforced chassis and modified brake system 
Additional instruments from VDO Classic
Other special requests by arrangement

Please select a vehicle for more information. We will then be happy to send you a detailed exposé.

On our YouTube channel we report on the different delivery options for the BMW E9 https://youtu.be/ghkSjnxHP5c

Current price list for BMW E9 vehicles in auctions:

https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-3-0csi-13/ US$ 175,000 without premium

https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-bmw-3-0csi-2/ US$ 203,000 without premium

https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-3-0cs-49/ US$ 240,000 without premium

https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mo21/monterey/lots/r0116-1973-bmw-30-cs/1128795/ US$ 201,600 no buyer's premium


This offer is non-binding and the prior sale of the individual vehicles is reserved. We offer additional services such as transport (worldwide), registration service in Germany, valuation reports, insurance brokerage, etc.

Most of the vehicles offered here are in our factory in Cologne-Kalk, Vietor Str. 85, 51103 Cologne. Here you will also find a selection of 80 historically valuable classic automobiles ONLY AFTER PRE-REGISTRATION.

Please visit www.scuderia-sportiva-colonia.com for information about our range of services and our selection of vehicles

Information Request

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