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Vehicle data

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ModelAlpina B2 3.0 CS


Body typeCoupe


Engine capacity3003 ccm

Power230 HP

Topspeed232 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h7 sec

Weight empty1270 kg



Tachometer counter (read)88.000 kms

Previous ownersn. a.

Matching numbersno

SSC number428

Interior colourEngl. Farbname

Manufacturer's colour code (exterior)n. a.

Interior materialCloth

Sun roofno

Electrical windowsno

Power steeringno

Price offeredSold

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Car description

This car it's really a collector vehicle with only 80.000 kms from new and a totally original condition. One of less than 40 units ever built. Alpina has no records from its production at that time, but they said there were only 192 B2 engines ever built and shared between four different bodies: E3, E9, E12 and some E24. There are supose ten to fiveteen to be still alive. Absolutely original conditionand the engine pushes smoothly and really strong.

This 1975 BMW Alpina B2 3.0 CS was first registered in Germany in 1975 as one of the only 844 BMW 2.5 CS ever built and converted to Alpina B2 3.0 CS specs in June 1978 as certified by Alpina. The car was imported to Spain in 2004 was parked besides others Alpinas, one of the most important Alpina Coupes collection in Europe that was featured in the Spanish classic cars' magazine 'Coches Clasicos'.

The conversión to Alpina B2 3.0 CS specs included the instalation of an Alpina B2 engine which delivers 230 HP with its three Solex 40/45 DDH carbs, specific cylinderhead, new 300º Alpina camshaft, special pistons and handmade valvework, special exhaust, new ventiled brakes and Alpina cushioning diagram with Bilstein shockabsorbers. An interesting detail is the rev counter, with the red zone beginning as of 7.200 revs, instead of the 6.400 from standard E9's, giving an idea from engine's expectations.

In order to lightweigth the car, front bumper was removed and the rear one replaced by a fiberglass one (rear bumper is currently an steel one again), alloy wheels were mounted as well as Scheel front bucket seats (17 Kg. lighter than the originals) with Alpina fabric.

Also the power steering was removed (now replaced by its second owner) and manual front windows devices were installed. The rear windows devices were removed and currently has no down system. The steering wheel and shiftknob are also from Alpina and the car was enhanced with three extra gauges in the dash.

As aerodynamic work the car received their front and rear spoiler, but even the wheelarchs and bonnet splitwinds. As an special option, the car mounts a left powered rear mirror and a right rear mirror, from Freser brand.

As paperwork the car has a copy of the German original Brief, where the B2 engine and all Alpina items are present and an Alpina Classic's certificate of delivery with cylinderhead number 4178 and VIN of the car.

As you can see, the car is one of the latest E9 built, as the model was discontinued at December 1975. Car shows around 80.000 Kms in the odometer and due to its amazing condition, seems to be correct. It was never restored and its amazing condition is really remarkable.

It is an accident free car and the paint comes from the Alpina conversion's era and it's almost perfect. Carpet's condition is great and the car owns an Alpina floor mats set.

The engine pushes really strong and smoothly, and it´s awesome how it accelerates.

Das Fahrzeug verkaufen wir in Kommission - Sale on comission basic

Dieses Angebot ist freibleibend und der Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten. Zusatzleistungen wie große 154 Pt. umfassende Inspektion, neuer TÜV, H-Zulassung, Transport, Anmeldung in Deutschland, Wertgutachten etc. sind gegen separate Aufwandsentschädigung möglich.

Dieses hier angebotene Fahrzeug steht in unserer Manufaktur in Köln-Kalk, Vietor Str. 85, 51103 Köln. Hier finden Sie -NUR NACH VORANMELDUNG- eine Auswahl von ständig 80 historisch wertvollen Klassikern.

In unserem neuen Showroom in der Motorworld Köln, Butzweiler Str. 35-39, 50829 Köln präsentieren wir täglich ebenfalls 15 ausgewählte Klassiker. Die Motorworld Rheinland ist täglich zwischen 10-20 Uhr geöffnet. Unser Büro ist in der Motorword i.d.R. von Dienstags bis Samstags zwischen 11 -18 Uhr besetzt.

Über unser unser Serviceangebot und Auswahl von Fahrzeugen informieren Sie sich bitte unter www.scuderia-sportiva-colonia.com

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