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Vehicle data

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Model911 S Targa 2.4


Body typen. a.


Engine capacity2341 ccm

Power190 HP

Topspeed235 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h6,6 sec

Weight empty1020 kg



Tachometer counter (read)2750 kms

Previous ownersn. a.

Matching numbersno

SSC number262

Interior colourblack

Manufacturer's colour code (exterior)vipergrün

Interior materialLeather

Sun roofno

Electrical windowsno

Power steeringno

Price offeredSold

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Car description

  • Porsche "F" model as 2.4 S Targa "oil flap"
  • only 989 built as 2.4 S Targa
  • German first delivery
  • rare collector vehicle

History of the Porsche 911 2.4 S

The Porsche 911 is probably the best-known sports car from Porsche. The first 911 was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main in 1963 as the successor to the Porsche 356 with the designation Porsche 901. The 911 is a typical 2+2 seater sports car. The first Porsche 911 are real men's cars. They do without power steering or brake boosters. In the course of further developments at Porsche, the displacement grew from originally 2.0 liters to 2.4 liters in 1972. The year of construction 1972 brought another innovation with it, the oil flap behind the right driver's door. This was welcomed as a step forward in the test reports, after all it was now possible to check and top up the engine oil from the outside. The oil flap, however, fell away just a year later. Apparently too many cases had occurred where petrol had been poured through the opening instead of oil. Today, the so-called "oil flap" models are rare collector's items.

1972 Leman win
Of course, Porsche also tested the sportiness and reliability at almost all major events and used them accordingly for advertising. The Porsche 2.4 S also won its class in 1972 at the legendary 24 Hours of LeMans. Of course, this success was immediately implemented in advertising and included in the brochures of the time.

A total of only 989 of the 2.4 S Targa models were built in 1972. The pure data of this sports car are impressive. It was now 2341 cm3 displacement, enough for 190 hp at 6500 rpm in the S model. Top speed of 234.7 km/h according to the Auto Revue test and the 0-100 sprint was completed in 6.6 seconds by this 1120 kg light Porsche.

History of the offered Porsche 911 S 2.4 Targa

According to the present Porsche certificate, this Porsche was built on March 1st, 1972 in the color viper green and first delivered to Düsseldorf (Germany). It was probably exported to Greece in the 1990s, where it became part of an impressive collection. The strong Greek sun didn't do the paint any good, so we decided to repaint this Porsche. In the course of this, all hardened rubbers are also replaced. Before delivery to the final customer, we will of course also carry out a major and extended inspection in accordance with our 154 Pt. Undergo service work list. Of course, the tires will also be replaced at the same time. The aim is to hand over to the new owner a Porsche 911 S Targa in the coveted 2.4 liter oil flap design that is impeccable in every respect. It is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, internally ventilated disc brakes, Fuchs rims, sports seats, electric windows, radio, antenna and of course with the front spoiler installed on the 2.4 S model, which was called the "wind deflector plate" at the time. Manfred Jantke from Auto Motor Sport diagnosed during his test in 1972: "The effect of the apron is striking - the Porsche 911, which previously felt uncomfortably light and indifferent on the steering wheel in the 200 km/h range, now behaves more calmly and quietly at high speeds directionally stable; even people who don't drive Porsche all the time now hold the steering wheel more relaxed...".

This offer is non-binding and subject to prior sale. Additional services such as a new TÜV and H-approval for Germany, worldwide transport, valuation reports, etc. are possible for a separate expense allowance.

In our factory in Cologne-Kalk, Vietor Str. 85, 51103 Cologne, we exhibit around 80 classic sports cars. However, we ask that you register in advance by telephone. This Porsche is currently still at our partner for painting.

Please visit www.scuderia-sportiva-colonia.com for more information about our range of services and selection of vehicles

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