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Vehicle data

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Model308 GTB


Body typeCoupe


Engine capacity2955 ccm

Power230 HP

Topspeed245 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h7,8 sec

Weight empty1350 kg



Tachometer counter (read)97501 mls.

Previous owners3

Matching numbersno

SSC number240

Interior colourblack

Manufacturer's colour code (exterior)Giallo fly

Interior materialLeather

Sun roofno

Electrical windowsyes

Power steeringno

Price offered95000 €

VAT deductableno

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Car description

History of the Ferrari 308 GTB

A Ferrari has a twelve-cylinder engine and is red! That was the general opinion. The 6-cylinder built in honour of Enzo Ferrari's deceased son was the first exception, but this was followed in autumn 1973 by a design by Bertone, the 308 GT/4. However, Ferrari fans were not very enthusiastic about the futuristic, angular design of the 2+2 and so Ferrari's in-house designer Pininfarina, under the direction of Leonardo Fioravanti, quickly created the shapely and elegant GTB based on the chassis of the Ferrari Dino 246. After just two years and around 600 units built, Scaglietti switched from moulds for the laminated glass fibre mats to the traditional body press in order to speed up production.

The 308 GTB quickly became an export hit, although there were differences between the versions. Most European carburettor-equipped models were fitted with dry sump lubrication, while the GTB models for the USA, Australia or Japan were fitted with conventional wet sump lubrication. The reason for the different versions lay in the requirements for exhaust gas purification and the space required for this in the engine compartment. Nevertheless, the motoring press was full of praise: "The 308, like all other Ferraris, is not a car that you can drive half-asleep or casually. All the controls - steering, clutch, brakes, gearstick, accelerator pedal - demand determination and decisiveness. Only when you reach your favourite winding track can you discover what this car is all about. Then you begin to understand the Ferrari myth. But oh, what a joy to drive!"

The ravishing lines of the 308 GTB suggest speed. The driving pleasure is enormous, the V8 roars, rattles, screeches and roars. The 4 Weber twin carburettors deliver a fascinating Italian crescendo, somewhere between Verdi and Puccini compositions. The Ferrari dissects bends in a neutral to understeering manner, literally sucking itself onto the road. The gear knob requires a little pressure to be directed through the open gearshift gate and the servo-free steering also requires "Potenza". If the Ferrari is warmed up carefully and the service intervals are adhered to, the V8 will easily last more than 150,000 kilometres.

A total of 2897 examples of the 308 GTB were produced between 1975 and 1981.

Interesting facts about the Ferrari 308 GTB -SSC240 offered here

The first delivery of this Ferrari 308 GTB in "giallo fly" was to the USA. According to the last owner, it was driven there by just one owner until 2007 before being imported to Germany. Unfortunately, the old historical documents were lost during the import, so we have no proof. In Germany, this 308 GTB was repainted in red, true to the motto: A Ferrari must be red. The last owner sold his Ferrari to the Scuderia Sportiva Colonia in 2017 and it then stood unnoticed in a corner for a few years, but now we have decided to restore it to its original configuration: The car was completely stripped of paint and repainted in its original Giallo fly colour. It is currently being reassembled. At the same time, the engine and gearbox are being dismantled and all defective parts replaced. The chassis and brakes are also being completely overhauled, as are the electrics. We will also convert the speedometer to European configuration. The original leather interior is in very good condition.

In short, after completion, a perfectly built Ferrari 308 GTB in a rare colour combination awaits its new owner.


We'll spare you the usual anecdotes about Magnum and Hawaiian shirts, except that you can't get a Ferrari much cheaper than with a 308 GTB. What's more, there are hardly any weak points in this sports car. Service and spare parts can be obtained from us or our sister company Scuderia Sportiva Servizio in Dortmund at favourable conditions.

Please Note:

The old original US speedometer will be converted to European configuration. After completion of the restoration, we will set the odometer to zero, as this vehicle will then begin its 2nd life. We offer a 1 year guarantee for all work carried out. The basic requirement is that all upcoming service work is carried out by us or a service partner selected by us.

This offer is non-binding and subject to prior sale. For German customers we also offer a new MOT incl. approval as a classic car, as well as support with registration in Germany, valuation reports etc. In Europe transport in a closed trailer, additionally we organise container shipping for the rest of the world.

This vehicle offered here is currently still in the assembly plant of one of our partners in Cologne. In our new Classic Centre at Jungenthaler Str. 1A, DE-57548 Kirchen/Sieg, in the former Jung locomotive shed, you will find a large selection of exciting, sporty classics.  To find out more about our range of services and selection of vehicles, please visit www.scuderia-sportiva-colonia.com

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