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Ferrari 308 GT4

Vehicle data


Model308 GT4


Body typeCoupe


Engine capacity2925 ccm

Power255 HP

Topspeed250 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h6,8 sec

Weight empty1330 kg




Brakes frontDisc

Brakes rearDisc

Tachometer counter (read)1 kms

First registeredn. a.

Previous owners2

Matching numbersyes

SSC number280

Exterior colourblue

Interior colourblue

Manufacturer's colour code (exterior)Dino blue

Interior materialCloth

Sun roofno

Electrical windowsyes

Folding topno


Power steeringno

Price offeredPrice on request

VAT deductableno

Car description

History of the Ferrari 308 GT4

The 308 GT4 was presented to the public for the first time in Paris in October 1973. The design came from the avant-garde pen of master craftsman Marcello Gandini, who worked for Bertone at the time. It was the first Bertone design for Ferrari (apart from two one-off 250GTs). This GT was developed under the direction of Angelo Bellei and built by Scaglietti.  Experts praised this model for its simple, modern and elegant shape. The Ferraristi were rather reluctant to accept the new wedge shape of the new "Dino" as the successor to the perfectly shaped 206 and 246. However, it was remarkable that Maestro Gandini's design was even able to accommodate four people in a mid-engined sports car. The highlight, however, was the newly developed 8-cylinder engine. The first of its kind in a Ferrari. The connecting rods and some other engine parts were identical to those of the larger twelve-cylinder engines. The two cylinders are arranged at 90°, 16 valves, four overhead camshafts, 4-fold Weber twin carburettors are the ingredients for this marvellous V8. Once ignited, this dinosaur barks like a furious terrier. That's how it was back in the days when sports cars were purely for men. Once the engine oil has warmed up properly, this Ferrari becomes a real beast. The seating position is modest, the steering wheel very central and very flat, the legs only fit into the car in the frog position that was apparently favoured at the time, but all this is quickly forgotten as the driver approaches the first bends. It is rumoured that Formula 1 champion Clay Regazzoni was involved in the development of the chassis.

In the "Kernenergie" test conducted by Auto Motor Sport in 1974, the Ferrari 308 GT/4 was faster than the competition De Tomaso Panterra, Porsche 911 Carrera and Maserati Merak and the author Helmut Eicker also emphasised the pronounced relationship with racing constructions and a high degree of active driving safety

However, Ferrari's target of around 1,500 sales units per year was too ambitious; in its best year (1974), Ferrari was only able to sell 764 vehicles. As a result, the 308 GTB and later the GTS were hastily produced in 1975 with the same engine but a Pininfarina body. By 1980, Ferrari had built a total of 3,626 GT4s in parallel, including the 2-litre models for the Spanish and Italian markets.


History of the Ferrari 308 GT4 SSC-280 offered here

The Ferrari 308 GT4 offered here is an "early bird". Presumably one of the first to be delivered to Sweden. It was ordered by its first owner in Dino blue, but was delivered in red, which displeased the first owner. However, he never changed the colour and kept it for decades before it went to the next and last Swedish owner via a dealer. It is an original Dino, which is important because this Ferrari still has its original Dino hubcaps and stickers. The previous owners resisted the temptation to replace these with the later Ferrari emblems.

The vehicle came to Scuderia Sportiva Colonia in 2015 with signs of rust. For a long time, the company considered what to do with this vehicle. Then, after a few years, the decision was made to have the bodywork completely restored by a recognised Italian Bertone specialist in the original configuration as it was ordered by the first owner at the time. The body work has now been completed, the chassis has been renewed, the interior is being worked on by the upholsterer and will be professionally renewed using the original material used at the time. The engine and gearbox are being completely overhauled by us in-house. We have already overhauled a number of 8 and 12 cylinder Ferrari engines over the years and have the relevant expertise. The Ferrari is currently being completed at our sister company Scuderia Sportiva Servizio / Dortmund, where the progress of the restoration and completion work can be viewed by prior appointment. Last Swedish licence plate DGJ 394.


The Dino 308 GT4 is very, very great Ferrari cinema. And not just any Ferrari, but probably the most fun-to-drive Ferrari of its era. Daytona, 246 or 365 GT. All much more expensive, none of them drive like the Dino 308 GT4. Not even its eight-cylinder brothers GTB and GTS. The much-maligned comparison with the kart is actually true here: the GT4 seems to turn at the slightest twitch of the steering wheel, regardless of the speed, regardless of the radius. The mid-engined family racing car is a pleasure to drive and, in an emergency, even four adults can enjoy the ride, albeit not necessarily for long distances. You can even take luggage with you. The 308 GT4 has finally shed its status as the unloved four-seater. In our view, this 308 GT4 is still completely undervalued. Here you have the opportunity to acquire a perfectly restored Ferrari Dino 308GT4 in an exceptional colour combination.


After completion of the restoration, we will set the odometer to zero, as this vehicle will then begin its 2nd life. We offer you a guarantee of 1 year for all work carried out. The basic prerequisite is that all upcoming service work is carried out by us or a service partner selected by us.

This offer is non-binding and subject to prior sale. For German customers we also offer a new MOT incl. approval as a classic car, as well as support with registration in Germany, valuation reports etc. In Europe transport in a closed trailer, additionally we organise container shipping for the rest of the world.

This vehicle offered here is currently still in the assembly plant of our sister company Scuderia Sportiva Servizio in Dortmund. In our new Classic Centre at Jungenthaler Str. 1A, DE-57548 Kirchen/Sieg, in the former Jung locomotive shed, you will find a large selection of exciting, sporty classics.  To find out more about our range of services and selection of vehicles, please visit

Price offeredPrice on request

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